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ivivi White Papers

ivivi White Papers

ivivi ( ivi )


The ivivi ( ivi ) first sponsor of philanthropy (helping each other), animals and the environment in the blockchain network by forming a human chain around the world.


The ivi team with the full name ivivi has an official website with the domain , which in the field of digital currency and related topics, including: instant display of currencies, publishing daily news from official and reputable sources This area is provided to users along with other facilities.


Over the past decade, new types of communication have emerged and have had a direct impact on societies and the economy, with digital currencies being one of the foremost.

 Digital currency has created a new type of investment that has led individuals and communities towards a modern and advanced economy.

 In the not too distant future, many types of systems will undergo many changes, and the blockchain network will be one of the pioneers in these changes, and various individuals, companies and institutions that in the short or long term will oppose this type of system and network.  They state that over time they must accept this fact and accept these changes.  Just as trade in the early days was an exchange of goods for goods, and various changes were made from the conversion of goods into coins and banknotes, and later changed into booklets and bank cards, now digital currencies are a new generation of this and  Are traders.

 This field has as much growth and speed as in contrast to the traditional methods and capital markets of the past, but it should be entered with relative familiarity and the necessary information, and without gaining proper knowledge and conditions, it could not enter this market with significant capital.


The main goal of this project

The purpose of the ivivi ( ivi ) collection, in addition to providing content related to the field of digital currency, is to create the largest human chain in the blockchain network to help the environment and benevolent actions, which is to help people and animals.

 Together and together, preserve the earth and make it available to future generations, while preserving a culture of benevolence (helping people and animals) and friendship with the environment.

Problem definition

Creating a simple and comprehensive platform to meet the daily needs of users in the field of digital currencies who can use the various features provided through .

Product Description

Provide up-to-date content related to the field of digital currency with a dedicated token ivivi ( ivi ).


Token ivivi ( ivi ) with the aim of creating a culture of benevolence (helping people and animals) and friendship with the environment is provided to users in this field who can participate in various ways to help this culture. For example, they can receive some of these tokens for free by planting a tree, collecting environmental pollution, helping other people in need and with various problems, or animals, or by purchasing tokens to the ivivi ( ivi ) collection to send. Help them take action. Effective contributions in the form of various reports are also displayed on the official website at . Also, in the official website, there is an incentive system for communication between users and the collection, which automatically collects ivivi ( ivi ) tokens according to the amount of different activities of users, who can reach the token at the address after reaching the set limit. Receive your ivivi ( ivi ) wallet added to your profile.

Team introduction ivivi ( ivi )

The ivivi ( ivi ) team consists of a development team, environmental advocates and donors to the needy, and animals and sponsors.

What a difference we have with our colleagues

Support for people in need, animals and the environment was first formed by the ivivi ( ivi ) team as a human chain in the blockchain network.

Is financing done in the form of?

Through sponsors who can help by purchasing ivivi ( ivi ) tokens or sending other coins whose wallet addresses are officially placed only on the official collection website.

Does the project have a real application?

Yes. Activity reports are available on the official website


The purpose of the collection ivivi ( ivi ) is to create a culture of benevolence, to help people in need and problems, animals and friendship with the environment. The financial resources collected in various ways are spent on creating and spreading this culture and in return for profit and loss.  It has no obligation to the contributors to the collection and only pursues the stated purpose.  In the facilities and services section of the official site, it is only to show the value and similar services and does not mean an investment proposal or approval of projects by the ivivi ( ivi ) collection.

 Investors are fully responsible for investing in each project, and the ivivi ( ivi ) collection and the official website have no obligation to them.

 All responsibility for any investment in products, advertisements, etc. in sites and social networks or by different people, either directly or indirectly, is on the users and ivivi ( ivi ) collection will not have any obligation to them.

 ivivi ( ivi ) suite protects users’ privacy as much as possible.  We also ask users not to make their important and vital information available to unknown people in any way.

 Finally, all sponsors are asked to accept the ivivi ( ivi ) token as a token to promote this culture and to support its holders.

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