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On Crypto Twitter, a surge of attention directed at a coin often comes in response to dramatic price action. Quite naturally, rallying assets attract the attention of traders and take over Twitter conversations, which can also create positive feedback loops that further prop up the momentum. This is exactly what happened with some of the […]

Out of the many routes available to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, which includes decentralized finance (DeFi), layer-one protocols, nonfungible tokens and stablecoins, perhaps the simplest and most applicable path for the public at large is the ability to utilize cryptocurrency for everyday purchases with an integrated debit or credit card. 2021 has seen a […]

Bitcoin’s (BTC) latest rebound from below $30,000 has increased its prospects of extending its retracement move higher, at least according to one classic technical pattern. Dubbed as Broadening Formation, the megaphone-shaped pattern appears when the price moves inside two diverging trendlines. Investopedia states that a broadening formation represents disagreement over the next potential bias among […]

This Friday’s weekly Bitcoin (BTC) options expiry currently holds $330 million in open interest. Considering the recent struggle to regain the $32,000 support level, this event is an important test of bulls’ willingness to display reversion signs. On Wednesday, Alameda Research announced that it had made Bitcoin purchases below $30,000, and Sam Trabucco, the firm’s quantitative […]

Bitcoin (BTC) has become considerably more decentralized in the past year, one metric suggests — and the trend is growing. According to data from on-chain data resource, hash rate distribution is increasingly favoring small, unknown miners.  Small guys increase slice of mining pie Despite the past 12 months seeing a large price run-up, Bitcoin […]

There’s no doubt that the last couple of months have been bearish for Bitcoin (BTC), but throughout this entire period, derivatives indicators have been relatively neutral. This could be because cryptocurrencies have a strong track record of volatility, and even 55% corrections from all-time highs are expected. After two months of struggling to sustain the […]

Anish Saxena, a New Delhi-based automobile dealer, made “incredible” profits by investing in cryptocurrencies in 2020, just as his business took a hit from the coronavirus pandemic-induced lockdown. “I had known about Bitcoin and Ethereum and dozens of other assets for years,” the 33-year old businessman said. “But I only got to invest in them […]

Bitcoin (BTC) prices broke below a long-standing support wave that was instrumental in keeping its strong bullish bias intact after March 2020’s crypto market crash. Dubbed the 50-week simple moving average, or 50-week SMA, the wave represents the average price traders have paid for Bitcoin over the past 50 weeks. Over the years, and in […]

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